Future meets design

We have built our services to support our customers in creating and improving services and service business models. Our services include strategic foresight, service business creation and service design. Our philosophy is not only based on reinventing services and business models through superior customer experience, but also by making sure it is done in a sustainable and future-proof way.

Strategic foresight

If you want to take a leap forward and truly understand your customers future needs, the first step is to systematically identify future phenomena.

Together with your personnel, we will define the key phenomena affecting your business and turn them into competitive advantages of the future.

In addition to that, we will help you to identify and respond to strategic questions derived from the future phenomena, as well as to describe the impact of your choices on your business.

Examples of outcomes

  • Future phenomena and their impact on your business
  • Competitive advantages of the future
  • Identifying strategic questions and making strategic choices
  • Roadmap for developing your service business


Service business creation

In a highly competitive market the importance of extraordinary customer experience and systematically built business model throughout value chains is more important than ever.

Service business development is based on understanding your end-to-end customer journey. Based on the content and priorities of the customer journey, we will define the key services and processes stage by stage, as well as the most relevant elements of your business model.

In addition, we will build a systematic roadmap of the key development areas and define a management model for your future business.

Examples of outcomes

  • Defining customer personas, journeys and value propositions
  • Describing key services and processes of the future
  • Defining revenue logic and organisation model
  • Creating a management model and roadmap for service development

Service design

Running a visionary service business requires high quality services. Customers demand more and expect a seamless, emotionally captivating and compelling service experience.

We design services derived from the future phenomena iteratively, experimentally and co-creatively. We turn ideas into prototypes for validation, and help you define future behaviour models.

We also help you design and describe customer communities and co-creation models in order to strengthen your customer loyalty.

Examples of outcomes

  • Creating service concepts and prototypes
  • Describing business models and customer behaviour
  • Creating a customer community and co-creation model
  • Creating a roadmap for service development