We create growth

Vere is a business design company that combines strategic business knowledge and technological capabilities

What is business design?

Business design refers to a new business development model that combines strategic business understanding, design and technological capabilities. The model aims to achieve holistic business development by utilizing innovative methods that combine the best parts of the areas listed above.




Lasting competitive advantage is not born by chance

Through business design we combine customer needs and your strategic goals. We also make sure, that the developed service concepts meet changing customer demands. 




Agile moves guarantee your success.

We offer keys to agile strategy development. Our aim is to helpo you prioritize your actions and stay ahead of competition.






Clients love services developed with clients.

We help create services your client cannot resist. Service development with us is co-creative, human-centered and iterative.






Without sales and marketing you seize to exist.

We make sure your sales and marketing are top tier and quickly respond to ever changing customer needs. 





What do our customers think?

"Vere’s approach to developing our business has been very customer-oriented and insightful. The end results of the project were very beneficial for the digital channels of Datacenter."

Antti Kivalo Director, Sales and Marketing, DataCenter Finland Oy

"Vere was truly interested in our business challenges and we felt that they really wanted to solve them! Professional and goal-oriented work – thanks to the top know-how of the Vere team! "

Jukka Vuolio Sales and Marketing Manager, Papyrus Finland

"Vere understands the strategic nature of business development, but they still have a very hands-on grip to the everyday work surrounding it."

Timo Kaivonen Sales Director, Arvo Piiroinen Oy

"Vere is truly interested in its customers. It is a pleasure to co-operate and develop our business with these fantastic people."

Henrik Lemmetty CEO, Lem-Kem Oy

"Vere has a professional team with a positive and active attitude."

Marko Tarkiainen CEO, 3 Step IT Oy