We're Vere

DANIEL-JOSÉ HÄNNINEN Managing Director & Service Designer Daniel is a service designer with a passion for design. His strength is to combine analytical thinking with creative problem solving and to translate business challenges into the language of design.
DANIEL-JOSÉ HÄNNINEN Managing Director & Service Designer
KAI VIRTANEN Head of Foresight Kai is a pioneer in strategic foresight in Nordics. He has a holistic view of future phenomena, the development of customer experience and the management of the service business, especially in the retail and energy value chain. He has worked as a board member, management team member and international business advisor in various roles since 1998.
KAI VIRTANEN Head of Foresight
PAULA LAITIO Service Designer Paula is an enthusiastic service designer, a curious problem solver and a human-centered engineer who values good questions above obvious answers.
PAULA LAITIO Service Designer
JUHA LEPPÄNEN Group CEO & Founding Partner Juha is a business designer with a strong emphasis on the strategy phase and a commercial know-how. Juha's strengths include building and prioritizing large strategic guidelines into concrete and easy-to-adopt actions.
JUHA LEPPÄNEN Group CEO & Founding Partner
JENNI UUSIKARTANO Head of Marketing Jenni is a digital business professional with strong marketing and communications skills. Jenni guides our company's marketing to the next level, utilizing the team's in-depth expertise in various areas of business and service design.
MARIA PAUKKUNEN Visual Design Lead Maria is a graphic design professional with strong vision and comprehensive experience. She is familiar with various media, her core competence being in visual identities, corporate graphics, and print and publication design.
MARIA PAUKKUNEN Visual Design Lead
JUSSI PULLOLA Business Designer & Co-Founder In business design, Jussi combines people-oriented thinking, strong industrial experience, a strategic vision and the ability to identify the potential of new technologies in the development of operations. Inspiring, fun, participatory and engaging workshops are Jussi's absolute strengths.
JUSSI PULLOLA Business Designer & Co-Founder
JAN-MIKAEL LEPISTÖ Business Designer & Co-Founder Jan-Mikael is a business designer who moves smoothly between technology and business. He designs digital services in a customer-oriented manner and, if necessary, rolls up his sleeves and is also involved in the technical implementation. Versatility, internationality and quick problem solving are his strengths.
JAN-MIKAEL LEPISTÖ Business Designer & Co-Founder
JANNE HAONPERÄ Customer Experience Designer Janne has extensive experience in customer experience development, digital marketing and sales as both a marketing director and a consultant. Janne is the Chief operations officer of Vere's subsidiary Kaksio Labs Oy.
JANNE HAONPERÄ Customer Experience Designer
ANNI RINGBOM Visual Designer Anni is a digitally inclined visualist who has been designing award-winning online services for more than two decades. Anni brings together easy-to-use service design and a beautiful design language and usually knows what the customers want even before themselves.
ANNI RINGBOM Visual Designer

Work with us?

We invest in a corporate culture in line with our values when choosing employees and partners. We want to ensure that our company is constantly evolving and that the staff learns and wants to learn relentlessly. In this way, we will develop our competitiveness and further increase the motivation and enthusiasm of our personnel.

Do you have fresh ideas, are you self-directed and do you enjoy ambitious working towards common goals? Do you enjoy the work environment and appreciate an open, low-hierarchical organizational culture? If the answer is yes, you might be our next superstar!

This is Vere

Vere is a pioneer in business design founded in 2015, whose mission is to create future-proof, sustainable business for its customers. The company is owned by its personnel and approximately 70 private investors and investment companies. We follow our values of freedom, pioneering spirit, courage and empathy in everything we do.

Kaksio Labs is our spin-off company founded in 2019, a certified Diamond-level HubSpot partner that specializes in HubSpot development, integrations, and challenging deployments. Kaksio's aim is to support the growth of their customers and help build a sustainable competitive advantage by leveraging HubSpot technology.


Robin Lindahl is the Chairman of the Board of Vere. The actual members of the Board are Pertti Aimonen, CEO Juha Leppänen and co-founder Marko Tulonen. A corporate governance model has been created for the company, which defines the models and rules of good management in Vere and its subsidiaries.

ROBIN LINDAHL Chairman of the Board
PERTTI AIMONEN Member of the Board
JUHA LEPPÄNEN Member of the Board, CEO
MARKO TULONEN Member of the Board