Vere 3D Method

Vision facilitates change. 

Development based on your own expertise

Vere 3D Method is based on identifying and prioritizing your organizations most important development areas. The method is based on utilizing Vere's value network, your organizations own expertise, existing knowledge and above all visions of the future. Which development areas have the largest future importance and what is their business impact?

Vere 3D Workshop - a joint vision of the future

One of the most central elements of the method is the 3D workshop, which utilizes Vere's value network and the expertise of your organization. The workshop helps identify, asses and prioritize different business areas such as.

  • sales growth areas,
  • customer value propositions,
  • offering lifecycle management,
  • competitive advantages and
  • new business or new segment potential. 

After identifying and assessing these development areas a strategy maps is drawn depicting the mutual relationships of different development areas. The dimensions of the assessment are the present situation, the future importance and the business impact of each area.

A tool for change management and mean of commitment

When the development plan is created by engaging the personnel of the organization, the level of commitment for the required change is high. The fulfilment of the development plan can also be measured, which provides the organization with an excellent tool for change management.

"In general, there is no lack of ideas in companies. The challenge is to assess which development ideas are the most important and which have the largest business impact and should therefore be executed"

Jussi Pullola
Founder of the 3D Method