We are Vere

We built an agile and a visionary team with a mission to help you reach your goals through business design.

Juha is a digital realist with extensive experience in business management. He has worked in sales and marketing management in international organizations and start-ups, including a SVP position in a listed software company. He has worked in the field of digital business for over 20 years.




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+358 40 172 2224

Jan-Mikael has extensive experience in customer-oriented development of digital services. He has proficiency in user experience and technology issues. He has been a founding partner of companies in web and gaming sectors. In addition, he is experienced in management consulting and has worked abroad on three different continents.




+358 50 367 3355

Jussi has a unique experience in the management and hands-on development of businesses in the industrial sector. He has a strong expertise in using technology as an growth enabler. He has previously worked as a B2B-business director as well as a director responsible of exports and marketing.





+358 40 501 7505

Antti has almost 20 years of experience in making companies grow and become international. Working as a partner, he has taken a Finnish service company into ten new markets. He has been responsible for concept development and commercialization of new services. In addition, Antti has been in charge of managing sales and building different joint operation models for sales.


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+358 50 529 4558

Toni has over 20 years of experience in software development for business needs. Previously he has worked as a project manager, scrum master and a software architect in various projects. He's technical experience ranges all the way from server layers to user interfaces in different environments.




+358 50 469 7290

Risto-Matti's competence is a combination of two entities: a deep understanding of the public sector and digital service development. Risto-Matti has almost 20 years of experience in various customer management and service development positions in the private and public sector.





+358 50 563 4370

Daniel is a customer-oriented service developer, with a passion for developing customer experience and facilitating innovation. He has experience in developing sales and marketing processes as well as a strong understanding of modern customer relationship management.




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Cecilia is student of political science and has a background in NGO's as well as the corporate world. She has previously worked in communications and event production, as a political officer and in different customer service positions. Her strengths include the ability to arrange Vere's everyday work in a smooth manner.




+358 50 4712 923

Petri is an expert in customer experience management and business design. He has experience in gaining customer understanding, measuring service experience and combining service design with business. He has previously worked as a profit responsible, a start-up entrepreneur, a change manager and has helped management with strategic development issues.


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+358 40 755 3357

Miia’s know-how is a combination of analytical thinking and design perspective. She has experience of building and reinforcing visual identity, developing and leading marketing, as well as creating content. Previously, Miia has worked as project manager, freelance journalist, and marketing manager.






Jenni is a multi-talent of digital businesses. She has worked as an entrepreneur in e-commerce, and as a builder of Finland's best known brands. Jenni has strong experience in demanding project management tasks in advertising and communication industry.




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+358 40 198 9111