We are Vere

We built an agile and a visionary team with a mission to help you reach your goals through business design.

Daniel is a business designer with deep understanding of different design-methods and how to utilize them in supporting businesses. His strength is to choose the best possible method and optimize it to match the customer’s need. He then makes sure that the development process is serving the set goals.




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Kai has a holistic view of future phenomena, customer experience development and service business management, especially in the trade and industrial value chain.





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Antti is responsible for sales, partnerships and conceptualizing services. He is continuously in discussion with boards, developing existing services or innovating new ones. Antti has the talent to recognize the right solutions and then combine the customer with the right person.


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Jussi is a business designer who combines humane thinking, strategic vision and extensive industrial experience. He has the ability to recognize possibilities in new technologies for enhancing business. Jussi’s strength is creating invigorating, fun, inclusive and committing workshops.





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Riikka is a business designer and strategist, who is experienced in working in the intersection between business, design and technology. 




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Juha is a business designer with a strong focus on strategy and business. In business design projects he functions especially as an advisor to the board. Juha’s strength is to build up the strategic picture and make it tangible and understandable.




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Telma is a visual designer whose strength is to sum up the end results of service design into visual entities.





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Jan-Mikael is business designer who moves smoothly between technology and business design. He designs digital services customer-first and realizes the technological implementation. Versatility, internationality and agile problem solving are Jan-Mikael’s strengths.





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Jenni is a multi-talent of digital businesses. She has a strong experience in demanding project management tasks in advertising and communication industry.


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Aleksi is responsible for managing and internationalizing Kaks.io Labs business based on HubSpot technology. He has extensive experience of various sales and marketing technologies and channel partnerships in Europe and North America.





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Janne is working as a Director of Customer Success for Vere’s HubSpot service brand Kaks.io Labs.




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Miia’s know-how is a combination of analytical thinking and design perspective. She has experience of building and reinforcing visual identity, developing and leading marketing, as well as creating content. Previously, Miia has worked as project manager, freelance journalist, and marketing manager.