Digital Service Creation 

Value-centric digital services through business design and application development.

Digital Service Creation 

Your customers demand more and more of you every day. Our job at Vere is to help you answer this demand. By combining business design and application development we help our customer create better digital services that help you delight your customers. Our digital service creation is done in collaboration with Luoto Company

Engaging innovation

Our digital service creation combines the strengths of business design and application development in a unique way. Business design is based on exploring various development areas, innovating and ideating, validating hypothesis and testing prototypes. After this the new digital service is created in an agile manner. your customer will be included in the development process all the way from the innovation phase - this is true customer-centricity.

The end user defines the direction of your service

The end result of the service is a digital service based on customer needs. This helps make sure that the results meet real customer needs and enables a deeper level on commitment between your customer and your company.