Business Design

From vision to everyday operative work

Building new business models

Business design refers to a new business development model that combines strategic business understanding, design and technological capabilities. The model aims to achieve holistic business development by utilizing innovative methods that combine the best parts of the areas listed above.

A new concept based on customer needs 

Business design includes exploring various development areas, innovating and ideating, validating hypothesis and testing prototypes. Areas of development can be for example business models, services or even earning models. The end result of a business design process is a innovative and tested concept  of the chosen development entity.

Engage your stakeholders

The business design process encompasses four stages. All relevant stakeholders are engaged during the entire development process in order to ensure that the direction and the results are correct. Depending on the case, we also utilize the know-how of Vere Value Network, which is made up of over twenty exceptional experts in their own field.


  1. We start by discussing the entity with your customers and your organizations as well as doing research in your company's market.
  2. We then innovate solutions to the recognized need in workshops based on Vere’s 3D Method. Towards the end we prioritize the most important innovations.
  3. The concept is then designed and tested in order to meet customer needs and business goals. During the design of the concept we commercialize the service and make it appealing to the market,
  4. Finally, we make sure that your organization is ready to accept the new concept and that you a provided with the relevant digital services and technologies to support the change.