Join the webinar to explore HubSpot as a platform and ecosystem

Kirjoittanut Labs - 04 maaliskuuta, 2019

Join the webinar to explore HubSpot as a platform and ecosystem


As announced on Valentine’s Day, Vere has differentiated its HubSpot business into a separate service brand, Labs. The goal of Labs is to be the world’s most innovative and desirable HubSpot partner. Vere has been awarded HubSpot’s Impact awards and is internationally amongst the top suppliers of the HubSpot technology.

Join our webinar on March 13th to hear more about the possibilities HubSpot offers as a platform and ecosystem. The keynote speaker is no other than HubSpot’s Vice President Platform and Ecosystem Scott Brinker. Besides his career at HubSpot, Brinker also runs the successful blog Chief Marketing Technologist. It is safe to say that we are all looking forward to hear what Brinker has to share on the future of HubSpot as a platform.

HubSpot has become known as the world's leading CRM, marketing automation and content management system, but it is constantly evolving towards an even more holistic business platform. This offers companies using HubSpot the possibility to build and automate their business around a single versatile platform.

"It has been great to see how Finnish know-how is valued internationally. Now it's a perfect timing to start building something big on HubSpot's global ecosystem since we have an excellent team in our hands. You should definitely keep an eye on us!" says Aleksi Lehtola, Head of Operations at Labs.

During the webinar Aleksi Lehtola and Daniel-José Hänninen will have a discussion on creating meaningful digital services.

Join our webinar on the 13.3 to hear insight on the current possibilities and future of HubSpot’s platform.

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