[ENG] Vere victorious in HubSpot Impact Awards!

Kirjoittanut Vere Oy - 26 lokakuuta, 2018

[ENG] Vere victorious in HubSpot Impact Awards!


Vere Oy has won HubSpot’s Impact Award in Sales Enablement in the EMEA area. The award is given quarterly to a company that has indicated creativity on a broad spectrum, innovative thinking in utilizing the HubSpot platform, and has provenly generated more sales to their clients by using the HubSpot solution. 


“We are very proud and excited for receiving this award, as well as recognition for our work. Our goal is to be the world’s most innovative HubSpot partner and this achievement functions as a natural step towards that end" Juha Leppänen, CEO at Vere Oy, states.

HubSpot as a platform solution

The winning solution is Suomen Myymäläkaluste, which is a prime example of using the HubSpot platform in an innovative and comprehensive way. The solution for Suomen Myymäläkaluste was to build an automated unity of sales, marketing, webpages and interfaces, accelerating the sales process and raising the amount of request for proposal. You can read the victorious customer story here

“From the very beginning we have tried to differentiate our company from other HubSpot partners by using the system as widely as possible, as a platform solution for businesses. Recent HubSpot updates have enabled the platform to take enormous leaps forward and will continue to do so in changing clientele as well as stakeholder management and leadership.” Leppänen concludes.  

Vere DesignHub

At the core of Vere HubSpot activity is the DesignHub-service, which enables companies to create new digital services on top of HubSpot. The baseline for DesignHub is to significantly increase the customer’s business and to automatize operations in a sensible manner.

“HubSpot is proud to call Vere Oy a partner. They have been recognized for their innovative and strategic inbound approach to help their clients grow better.” David McNeil, VP Global Partner Program and Strategy at HubSpot, Inc., informs. 

Pervasive HubSpot expertise

Vere-HubSpot-kultapartneriVere is a gold partner of HubSpot as well as a supplier of the platform. The company’s focus is especially in automating business processes and customer service processes, stakeholder management, sales productivity and utilizing artificial intelligence in business development. The projects utilize their own experts as well as Vere’s Value Network, which consists of the best visionary experts from different fields.


Do you want to learn more about the possibilities created by HubSpot? Click below to see the HubSpot as a Platform webinar. 
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Additional information:

Juha Leppänen
CEO / Vere Oy
+358 40 172 2224 
Vere Oy is Finland’s leading business design company founded in 2015 with a mission to create growth for its customers.

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